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Very many people wants to see Naked and Afraid Uncensored. Now it is possible. As you noticed in the television series is censored. At this point, however, is the possibility to watch the American tv series uncensored. Below is the first episode (The Jungle Curse) the first season uncensored!
Watch it now. This is probably the only place with Naked and Afraid Uncensored. If the video does not play, you need to refresh your browser.

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Survival in a completely different, very extreme. "Basic instinct of survival" is a new series of programs, in which the two unknown people, a man and a woman, is abandoned in a desolate place, where it will be exposed to the very extreme climatic conditions. Left to themselves, without food, water and clothes, they must survive 21 days. With it can take only one item. Naked and Afraid Uncensored is amazing.

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Brave adventurers after a quick reading with each other and the environment in which they survive, must start to work and make key decisions. Or pass on your instinct? Can they use the techniques of survival? What are the chances of survival has a couple of naked strangers, which is in one of the most hostile parts of the world?

Man vs. Amazon (S2, Ep1)
Two survivalists journey to the most hostile environment on the planet to take on the Amazon without modern conveniences or clothing. Battling piranhas, jaguars and mosquitoes, can they survive the unsurvivable?
Release date: 16 Mar. 2014

Damned in Africa (S2, Ep2)
It's kill or be killed as survivalists Jeff and Eva journey to Madagascar and take on the unforgiving Massif D'Isalo - its nasty boa constrictors, abundant black widow spiders, and harsh desert landscape.
Release date: 23 Mar. 2014

Paradise Lost (S2, Ep3)
Two survivalists are dropped on a deserted Fijian island. They must battle the elements, as well as each others' annoyances, as they try to survive 21 days together. With blistering heat, minimal water and scarce food, this will be no honeymoon.
Release date: 30 Mar. 2014

Mayan Misery (S2, Ep4)
Two survivalists are challenged to survive in a flooded jungle of Belize. The man and woman must face a labyrinth of Mayan caves filled with poisonous snakes and rabid bats. Can they conquer their fears and emerge from the darkness?
Release date: 6 Apr. 2014

The Pain Forest (S2, Ep5)
Two survivalists attempt to endure 21 days in the Malaysian rainforest. With relentless rainstorms, they will have to fight the elements with only their knowledge of the wilderness. Will this firefighter and single mother team survive?
Release date: 13 Apr. 2014

Meltdown in Bolivia (S2, Ep6)
Two survivalists are dropped into the merciless jungles of Bolivia. Severely challenged by flash floods, heat exhaustion and a life-threatening appendicitis attack, will the Wiccan gods of survival be with them or against them?
Release date: 20 Apr. 2014

Bares All: Starvation, Snakes and Strife (S2, Ep7)
The latest Naked & Afraid "Bares All" will reveal the many unseen, wild moments of Naked & Afraid Season 2. It's all the controversy, the fights, the pain, and the tears we didn't see in the original episodes. This is the biggest Bares All yet.
Release date: 27 Apr. 2014